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Oct 10, 2017

Four Ideas for Decorating the Perfect Guest Room

A guest room can be a challenging space to decorate. While you will furnish yourmaster bedroom or a living room in your own style, it can be difficult to decide how to style a guest room to match your overall home décor, but add in a few new elements to create a special experience for your guests. Read below for tips in helping you make the best decision about decorating your guest room.

Focus on the Wall Colors

The first step to decorating a guest room is deciding on the color palette of the room. Will you be repainting, or simply leaving the room as it is? It’s important to make this decision, because you will need to choose bedding, drapery (if any) and art based on the color of the walls.

If you choose to paint, you will want the color to match the theme of the rest of your home, yet be inviting and refreshing for your guests. Use a color wheel, select a color that would look good in the space. A darker room can look brighter with a fresh coat of light paint, such as light green or beige, while a sunny room can glow even brighter with a coat of bright yellow.

Consider adding some flair by creating an accent wall with a different color or opting for wallpaper. If all four walls are the same color, you can create a unique look with drapes, wall decals and art.

Focus on the Sleeping Arrangements

The main point of any guest room is to accommodate overnight guests. Your first inclination may be to put a bed in the room, but you should consider a reclining sofa bed or a futon sofa bed. This way, your guests will have the option to relax, watch television, or read on a sofa with back support, and can simply fold it out for sleeping.

Plus, a comfortable futon or sofa bed will take up a lot less room once it’s folded, giving multiple guests or families the chance to play on the floor, exercise or simply enjoy more open space. If you do decide on a bed versus a sofa in the room, consider adding a recliner chair or a double recliner to provide comfortable sitting room to your guests.

Provide Ample Closet Space

A common problem that guests have when visiting friends and family is finding ample closet space to put away all of their clothing and belongings. Not many guest rooms will have a large walk in closet, which is why it would be ideal if you provided other storage to help your guests unpack and feel settled in.

A chest of drawers, dresser and nightstands will allow your guests not to live “out of a suitcase” or have their stuff thrown around on the floor. To be an exceptionally good host, leave a dozen empty hangers in the closet and an iron or steamer in the room.

When choosing these pieces, remember that they don’t have to exactly match each other, or even be part of the same collection. As long as the pieces have a unifying color, theme or feel, you would make the room look more unique if you add pieces from different collections.

Don’t Forget the Tech Space

While your house guests may not be visiting for business purposes, most of us won’t leave home without our technological devices. Try adding a desk with everything a guest would need to plug in their devices, such as laptops, tablets and phones. Create and share your WiFi password so that your guests can easily log into your network!

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