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Jan 15, 2018

Four Tips on Decorating with Accent Tables

Any room can look more chic with a carefully added accent piece. The easiest piece to begin with are accent tables. There are tons of options for any shape, size and purpose. From coffee tables, console tables to side tables, keep reading below to find actionable tips to selecting accent tables that are sure to compliment your space!

Choose the Piece Right for you

If you have a good amount of extra space on the sides of your couch(es), consider adding matching side tables.

They will give your space a balanced look, and can hold family photos, heirlooms, or your glass of wine! You can also go with one accent table and place next to a chair, recliner or chaise to create a comfortable reading nook.

It is pretty much an unwritten rule that a living and family room need to have a coffee table. They are low tables that are perfect in front of your sofa, and can support virtually any and everything, from books and magazines to coffee and board games.

Look into console tables if you have room in your foyer (to rest your keys and mail), in a large hallway, next to a stairwell, or in a room with available space to serve as storage. Console tables are elegant in style and narrower than traditional tables which makes them great accent pieces for any size space.

Measure the Space

One of the biggest mistakes shoppers make is purchasing items without first measuring their space. Consider not only the height and width of the item and whether it will fit in the given area, but whether it will go through tight hallways, stairways or doors. Measure the height of your couches to determine the ideal height of the coffee and side table(s). Otherwise your tables may be too low or too high for the seat cushion level.

Utilize Storage Containers Your Things

Once you have your items delivered and assembled, you may find it difficult to store and display items on them without creating a cluttered look. Organize your items with storage containers, such as baskets, trays and bowls, where you can store magazines, remotes, keys and other knick knacks. The things that should be kept out of view can be stored in closed baskets, while those meant to be seen can be placed in trays and open bowls.

Mix Colors, Shapes and Textures

Don’t be afraid to go bold and mix colors, shapes and textures when you choose your accent tables and the items that go on them. If you have a leather sofa, you can create a warmer look with wooden tables. If you have linen or fabric couches, add console tables with metal legs to bring a little modern feeling into the room.

Repeat the colors throughout the room (without overloading it) to tie the look together. You can focus on adding frames and artwork in a certain color, and unifying it with a rug or drapes in a similar palette.