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Dec 4, 2017

How to Decorate a Small Room

A small home may create a challenge in decorating. A single apartment, or bachelor pad usually lacks extra space or storage. You need your things but, you also want to avoid clutter. There are tricks of the trade that interior designers use to decorate a small room. So, you don’t have to spend your hard earned money to hire a designer, we share their secrets with you here!

Purchase Furniture with Built in Storage

Don’t have room to cram in shelving in a tight space? No problem! Purchase furniture with built in storage. This doesn’t only offer you extra room to hide books, toys, clothing and other items, but it also creates a cleaner space by putting your things out of sight. The illusion of clutter-free living!

For a small living or family room, consider the Arthur Classic Linen Storage Sofa, which offers 64 inches of convenient storage under the seat cushions.  

Another great option is the Altopiano Classic Velvet Storage Ottoman. A classic looking ottoman that can double as a coffee table or a space to rest your legs while offering ample storage.

Choose Smaller-Sized Furniture

You don’t have to forego purchasing furniture items that you need if you have a small space, just buy the sizes appropriate for the room. Many houses and apartments don’t have floor plans that allow for formal dining rooms, but a small space dining table can fit in virtually anywhere. If you don’t have room for bulky dining chairs, opt for backless stools that you can hide under the table when not using them.

Think you can’t fit a sofa or sectional in a tight room? Think again! Our large inventory includes many smaller pieces to fit every style and budget. Our favorites include the Roy Traditional Small Velvet Sectional, which goes nicely with the velvet ottoman mentioned above, as well as the Solis Modern Linen Small Sofa, which can be ordered in seven different colors!

Add Mirrors

Mirrors will not just add beauty and style to any room, but they will also create the look and feel of reflective light and an air of openness. Carefully placed mirrors add both dimension and depth to the smallest of spaces, adding instant “square footage” to your space. Hang mirrors on the walls to fool the eye into seeing more open space, or place them next to a window or a floor lamp to reflect light, creating a feeling of depth.

Avoid Dark Colors

Light and bright colors create the illusion of open and bigger spaces because they are reflective of natural light, akin to mirrors. Start by painting your room in a white, cream, light gray or light blue tone. Then, choose an accent color for furniture and artwork to add contrast, depth and pop. The best colors for minimal space are orange, hazel and green – aesthetically pleasing and airy.

Sofamania provides you with high quality, durable and affordable pieces to decorate a room of any size. Plus, we help you save money so you can purchase more of what you need by offering free and fast shipping! Check out our inventory at