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Dec 20, 2017

The Trick to Choosing the Perfect Sectional

Couches are great, but unless you’re the only one sprawling out, there’s practically no leg room for lounging. This is why sectionals have been growing more and more popular in recent years, because they combine a couch and an ottoman in one! There are so many options as far sizes, layouts, colors and styles, that it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect sectional for a given room. Use the guide below to lock down the right choice for you.

Choose the Right Shape

Sectional couches come in three different shapes: L-shapeU-shape and semi-circular. The L-shape has a chaise on one side, while the U-shape has the chaise on both sides. Semi-circular, or curved, sectionals are round couches that make half a circle.

You’ll need to understand sectional-related terminology when choosing an L-shaped sectional. A right arm facing (RAF) sectional means the arm of the sectional is on the right when looking at it and the chaise is on the left. A left arm facing (LAF) sectional means the opposite.

L-shaped sectionals are better for smaller spaces, while the other two work to fill larger rooms. L-shapes can create barriers between rooms. Curved sectionals are better for gathering people together to converse and relax.

Consider the Size and Placement

How do you truly know if the sectional will fit and look once in the room? It’s best to draw a floor plan to scale and include different options for the sectionals you are considering. Conversely, you can tape off the dimensions of the sectional in the actual room. This will provide you with a pretty good idea of how it will look and if it will fit.

When choosing an L-shaped sectional sofa, consider which side you want the chaise to be on. It’s better to include it on the side of the room that gets the least amount of traffic so you don’t have to walk around it every time.

Another thing to consider is delivery. Try and make sure the piece will fit through the most narrow spaces such as hallways or doorways. Some sectionals are too big for a standard delivery, and will need to be brought in through the balcony or the freight elevator in apartments.

Pick the Right Material

Leather, velvet, suede, microfiber, linen… which do you choose? Consider the right material for your sectional sofa based on your needs. A velvet or suede couch can look expensive and be a great statement piece, but it is also hard to clean and may not be the right choice for families with small children. Leather is easy to clean, and is fairly durable, able to last for a long time.

Choose a Complementing Style

Consider the style of the room where you will place the sectional. Is it modern, mid-century, gothic, traditional or urban? You should pick the style of the piece that will compliment your existing look and feel, although it doesn’t have to match it exactly.

Try mixing styles, colors and fabrics of your furniture, wall colors and accent pieces to create a room that is interesting and exciting! Sofamania is the perfect place to view sectionals. Choose one that is inexpensive, yet durable and ship it to your house completely free!