Jan 10, 2018

Three Must Haves for a Family Room

Designing a family room is not an easy task. This is a room that serves many purposes – allowing families to spend time together, watch television, a space for children to play in, and often a room for guests. It’s not uncommon for a family room to double as an office, a space where documents and computer stations are located in. Because of its multi-uses, take it one step at a time when designing. Purchase the following three things that every family room needs to start. You can then focus on other necessities to create the look and feel you crave!

Sitting Space

Consider how much space you have in your family room to decide what type of sitting space would be most appropriate. Many people choose a sectional sofa for this area because of the comfort level and features it provides. Sectionals are a great choice for any space, as they come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the smallest rooms to the largest ones. For example, the Pride Modern Small Fabric Sectional only needs 76 inches to be able to fit three people.

If you don’t have a guest room, consider purchasing sleeper furniture to make guests feel comfortable while not taking away space from other necessities. You can purchase a sleeper sectional or sleeper futon, or add extra seating in the form of a chaise lounge, which doubles as a sleeper.

Entertainment Area

Many families make the decision to make their living room and bedroom television-free, but a family room is where you can sit back and watch a great movie. As such, you need to create an entertainment area that suits your space.

Start with choosing a television stand. The Denza Mid Century Modern TV Stand features two closed side cabinets and two open shelves, allowing you to feature family photos or favored decorative pieces. However, families with small children may choose to put all of the electronics out of reach with a closed TV stand, such as the Tylor Modern Wooden TV Stand Cabinet. This features two side doors and three shelves, all of which can be closed, keeping little fingers at bay.

Coffee Table

Now that you have a comfy couch and an entertainment center, you need a table on which to play board games, stack books, or rest your coffee on.  Yes, a coffee table is the third essential to outfit any family room.

There are so many choices in this department. You can go with something simple, like the Reunion Modern Designed Coffee Table (under $50!), or you can do something a bit more intricate. Check out the double-decker coffee table, which allows an extra shelf for bonus storage.

To add a splash, consider the Villa Country Old Fashioned Coffee Table or the Anders Wood and Metal Plank Coffee Table, which feature wheels that not only provide a cool look, but also allow you to easily move the table out of the way for extra floor space.

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