Oct 28, 2017

Tips on Buying the Best Recliner Chair

It’s time to toss the age-old belief that recliners are just for grandparents. Why should they be the only ones who can relax and get comfortable? There are so many varieties of recliners now, that you can get one in practically any style, adding comfort without hurting the look and feel of your space.

While purchasing a recliner chair is not the biggest decision you’re going to have to make in your lifetime, it would be helpful to determine the best recliner for your needs with these tips.

Single or Double?

If you are not a selfish person that believes you’re the only one that should enjoy the ability to get comfortable in your space, consider purchasing a double recliner or a reclining loveseat in order for your partner, family member or guest to enjoy the benefits alongside you.

If you are on a budget and are in search of affordable recliners, purchasing a double recliner will be much more affordable and efficient than two separate individual recliners. This can substitute and even surpass the needs of a small sofa or loveseat with the added bonus of mechanical reclining ability.

What is the Purpose of the Recliner?

Believe it or not, a recliner is not only useful for reading or watching television, different models have a variety of added benefits. Are you going to be using it as rocking or nursing chair?  Do you have back problems and want to pay a little more for a recliner that has an added massager built into it?  These are all important questions to consider.

Which Type of Recliner Do You Need?

Once you determine the purpose, research the different types of affordable recliners that are available on the market. Here are some to browse:

  • Rocking recliner: these models have the additional feature of rocking in addition to reclining, perfect for rocking little ones to sleep.
  • Power recliner: reclines with the touch of a button. Easy and tech-friendly
  • Lift chair: a lift chair raises the chair to standing level. This is the perfect model if you or a loved one has mobility issues.

    Which Size is Right for You?

    Do you remember the Friends episode when Ross purchased a new couch and carried it up to his apartment? It was hilarious watching him try to fit it through the stairwell!  Lessoned learned: measuring your space is essential to make sure it will be a good fit before you buy it. A recliner can’t be taken apart like a sectional couch, so knowing the exact dimensions of the space it needs to get through and then live in, is a must. Otherwise you’ll end up like Ross stuck in a corner pivoting inch by inch around corners and up the stairs.

    Always start by measuring the size of stairs, tight hallways or balconies to make sure you can get the recliner inside. And, don’t forget that you will need room to recline it.

    If you are tight on space, consider purchasing a wall-saving recliner that doesn’t need a lot of space to recline.

    Which Style Works for You?

    Most recliners come in either leather or fabric. While leather is easy to clean and durable, it can get chilly on cold days and sticky on hot days. Fabric, on the other hand, is prone to getting stained and may get torn, although it is much more plush and comfortable. Pros and cons on both options – pick the one that works best for you and the climate of your living space.

    Consider the style of the room you will be putting the recliner chair in to make sure that it will be a good fit.  A modern room or a man cave can benefit from the Blanco modern recliner, while the James mid century lounge recliner will be a good addition to a room with other mid-century furniture.

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