Nov 20, 2017

What to Look for When Buying a Bedding Set

A bedding set is a major factor to consider in setting the tone of your bedroom. Choose a deep passionate red set to spark romance. Go with a light beige or blue to promote peace and serenity. Not only will the color matter, but material as well. Read on and ask yourself the following questions to make sure your bedding enhances the mood of your nighttime rituals.

What size do you need?

This may seem pretty obvious, but there are constant returns from customers who bought incorrect sizes for their bedding sets. Clearly, you need to know what size your mattresses is in order to determine whether you need a twin, full, queen or king or cal king – these are the standards. Also, all sizes are not created equal. You may have an extra deep mattress, or have a memory foam topper. This means you would need to purchase deep fitted sheets that are specific for your mattress, otherwise they will be too small. Be sure on dimensions and depth before purchasing.

What Material is Right for you?

Bedding sets come in various materials. The most common are:

  • Cotton – Egyptian cotton, pima cotton, Pima cotton and Upland cotton
  • Polyester
  • Silk
  • Flannel
  • Bamboo
  • Blends

Each bedding set material has its advantages. The most expensive bedding set varieties are made from 100% Egyptian cotton because they are considered to be the most comfortable and long-lasting as they are made from extra-long cotton fibers from North Africa.

If your bedroom tends to be cold, or you live in a cooler part of the country, you may purchase flannel sheets to keep yourself warm at night. If you want to cool yourself down on the other hand, with the added benefit of wrinkle prevention, choose silk sheets.

What Color Should You Choose?

There is no limit to the colors and designs when it comes to bedding sets. You can find solid colors, patterns, designs for children and even images of your favorite celebrities. The most important factor when it comes to picking the color of your bedding set is to survey your bedroom.

What color are your walls? What is the headboard color? Do you have art pieces in the room in a certain color scheme? You should evaluate the general style of the room before choosing a bedroom set – is it modern, traditional, beachy?

Choose a color that would complement the theme and colors of the bedroom without blending in, or being too matchy-matchy. If your walls are painted with a bold, bright color, choose earthy tones to create a good balance. If your bedroom is decorated with pastels, a set that features brighter hues with simple patterns or just solid would be a nice addition.

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